What is the Process For Getting Partial Dentures?

Looking for more information about partial dentures so you can determine whether or not this dental treatment option is the right option for you? When you are missing several of your teeth, it is essential that you find a tooth replacement option. Your oral health begins to decline when you are missing just one tooth. If the rest of your teeth are still in good condition, then keeping them in your mouth for as long as possible is recommended.

If this is your situation, then partial dentures just may be the right choice for you.

About partial dentures

Thinking partial dentures will fix your missing teeth problem? Then your next step is finding out more about this denture option so you can make an educated decision. A partial denture is similar to full dentures except that they are made using fewer false teeth.

When you still have healthy teeth, they should remain in your mouth for as long as possible as teeth are designed to last a lifetime. A partial denture is custom-made for your mouth. The denture needs to made in a way that easily blends in with your remaining teeth.

There are a few different types of partial dentures patients can choose from, which means they do have choices. Some of the more popular choices include flexible partial dentures, implant-supported partial dentures, cast metal partial dentures and removable partial dentures.

The process for getting partial dentures

The following is a list that explains the process of getting partial dentures.

An impression is made

The first part of the process involves making an impression of the mouth, specifically the area that is in need of tooth replacement. These impressions are sent to a dental lab, which will make the partial dentures using these impressions as the guideline.

Making any necessary alterations

Once the partial dentures are sent back to the dental office, the patient will be notified so they make an appointment for denture placement. Once they are in the dental chair, the dental professional will ask the patient to place the dentures in their mouth. This is so they can check for a proper fit. If any alterations need to be done, they will be done at this time.

A full set of teeth

Once the dental professional has determined that the partial dentures fit exactly as they are supposed to, the patient can now enjoy wearing their fully functional and natural-looking partial dentures.

According to the American Dental Association, inserting and removing the partial denture will require some practice. Some patients may be asked to wear their new partial denture all the time, which, although may be uncomfortable at first, is a necessary process.

Are partial dentures the right choice for you?

Ready to undergo the process for getting partial dentures? The sooner you find a tooth replacement option the sooner you can once again have good oral health.

When you are missing teeth, your remaining teeth will begin to shift out of their correct positions. Your jawbone health will also begin to decline due to less root support, making implant-supported partial dentures a popular option.

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