Smile Makeover Treatments for Misaligned Teeth

For patients looking for a full smile makeover, it may be time to consider one of our many grin-worthy cosmetic dentistry procedures. The process of improving the appearance of your smile through cosmetic treatments is known as a smile makeover. Whether you are looking to make some big changes or just a few minor adjustments, we can help you choose the right treatment plan for both your budget and lifestyle.

Smile makeover treatments for every patient

Common dentistry procedures that can help you achieve the smile makeover of your dreams include dental veneers, composite bonding and invisible aligners.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers can fix various teeth issues –– from crooked to chipped and misshapen teeth, veneers will help. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are custom created in the lab to fit over the entire surface of a tooth (or multiple teeth). Veneers are often used to cover imperfections in the smile and are only used on the front teeth.

Instead of receiving minor orthodontic treatment, veneers are a viable alternative. The teeth will appear straighter without any painful, lengthy orthodontic treatment. In a matter of weeks (rather than the months or years it might take for braces to move teeth), you can receive a full smile makeover. An added bonus, patients can choose to whiten their smile on top of straightening teeth.

Composite bonding

Misshapen and gapped teeth are often remedied by a composite bonding procedure. This treatment can be completed chairside –– that means a smile makeover in just one appointment.

First, the dentist will choose the right shade of resin to be applied to the tooth so it blends in perfectly. Then, the edge of the enamel will be etched and prepared so the material will permanently bond with the tooth. The dentist will then apply the softened resin to the tooth little by little. After shaping it and using a special light to harden it permanently following patient approval, the treatment is completed.

For patients with gaps, the material is used to fill in the space to bring the teeth closer together. If teeth are too short, the dentist can add length. Teeth that have odd shapes can also be fixed by bonding. Keep in mind that composite resin will remain the same color despite teeth whitening, so try to avoid whitening teeth too much if there is bonding work.

Invisible aligners

Braces are not the only way to straighten smiles in modern day dentistry. These days, many patients are ditching the bulky metallic braces for a much better alternative. Clear aligners, or invisible aligners, are an excellent way to straighten teeth. These plastic trays are custom fitted to each row of teeth (both top and bottom).

Each tray is worn during a period of one to two weeks at a time. After that short period, a new set of aligners is issued to the patient. Each aligner tray fits snugly around teeth, and so is able to encourage the controlled movement of each tooth into a straightened position.

Straighten your teeth without braces

Misaligned teeth can be an unwelcome distraction in your smile. There are many ways to alter the appearance of the teeth and give each patient a beautiful smile makeover. Call our office today to set up a consultation and find out how we can help you achieve your ideal smile.

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