Emergency dentist Delray Beach, FL

Teeth may become broken due to long-term decay or physical trauma, affecting the appearance and often causing severe pain. By immediately scheduling an appointment with our Delray Beach dentist after breaking a tooth, patients can improve their chances of preserving their appearance and keeping the tooth. While extraction may be necessary in certain cases, root canal can often be used to save damaged teeth depending on what is found during an exam.

First aid for broken teeth:

What to do:

  • Call our Delray Beach dental office 561-894-4299
  • Collect any pieces you can find, and bring them with you
  • Rinse your mouth gently with lukewarm water or saltwater
  • Take over the counter pain medication as directed
  • Use clove oil or a salve such as Oragel for topical pain relief
  • Use a small piece of sterile gauze to apply pressure if needed to slow bleeding
  • Eat soft foods and chew on the other side of your mouth, or stick with liquids


What not to do

  • Don’t apply oral medicine topically
  • Don’t eat or drink anything especially hot or cold
  • Don’t wait to see a dentist


Emergency dental care for broken teeth

The steps listed above can help make you more comfortable until you see a Delray Beach dentist. They are only temporary measures; if you have a broken tooth, you need dental care ASAP.

Our number one priority is to get you out of pain. The next priority is to fix the tooth. The best way to go about that depends on which tooth is broken and how bad the damage is. Treatment may include:

  • Bonding – A resin material is used to replace the missing portion of the tooth. This is typically used for minor chips or fractures.
  • Dental crown – This is the most common solution for a broken tooth. It encases the tooth in a protective layer of porcelain and restores the size, shape, and structure.
  • Root canal – On occasion, if the tooth is badly broken, the dental pulp can be injured. If this happens, a root canal procedure is needed.

Remember – don’t wait to see your Delray Beach dentist.  Call Care One Dental at 561-894-4299 right away.