4 Common Oral Surgery Procedures

Wondering whether a dentist can perform oral surgery? Yes, they can. While many people think that if they need to undergo surgery in order to improve their overall dental health then they need to see an oral surgeon, this is not always the case. Many surgical procedures can be performed by general dentists instead. Ready to learn more?

Dentists can perform simple oral surgery procedures

While dentists can perform many different types of simple surgical procedures on their patients, when a patient is in need of complex oral surgery, they will need to be referred to another type of dental professional.

4 Commonly-performed oral surgery procedures

The list below includes four of the more common types of oral surgery procedures that are being performed on dental patients nowadays.

1. Impacted tooth removal

Dentists can perform simple tooth extractions, such as when someone has an impacted wisdom tooth. Removing any impacted teeth is necessary because impacted teeth can cause mouth infections, tooth decay and gum disease. A dentist can perform this procedure if the removal process is one that does not require extensive oral surgery.

2. Dental implant placement

Dental implants are a popular tooth-replacement option for those who are missing at least one of their teeth. The fact that an implant is surgically inserted into a patient’s jawbone means that this type of tooth replacement option is one that requires patients to undergo a surgical process. The entire implant process takes several months to complete, requiring those who are interested in this replacement option to make a commitment.

3. Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is an oral surgery procedure that is performed to save a tooth which is in jeopardy of being lost due to infection. Simple root canals require a dentist to remove the pulp of a tooth in order to remove the infection, which is located in the center of the tooth. Once all of the infection is removed, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and then filled with a substance to keep it strong.

4. Crown lengthening procedures

Crown lengthening procedures can be performed for cosmetic reasons, restorative reasons and/or in order to improve the overall health of someone’s gum tissue. The procedure requires a dentist to make small incisions in the soft tissues of the mouth in order to help separate the gums from the teeth, which allows more of the tooth to show. While many people choose to undergo this procedure for cosmetic reasons because they feel their teeth appear too short, this procedure is also performed in order to properly place a dental crown.

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